Loner I Am

I tend to get this feeling that I’m a loner. Well I didn’t have loads of friends back then and I was a shy person. Well I’m not saying that I have loads of friends now but it’s safe to say I have more friends now compared to last time.

I used to be a guy which was afraid of everyone, I didn’t dare call for pizza or a cab back then. I didn’t even want to use the phone to call anyone cause I thought my voice sounds weird or someone will scold me. I am a very quiet person but it’s not that I don’t have nothing to say, it’s because I’m to shy to say it out. Until today I still have this problem.

I was quite a loner back in school, jumping from groups of friends. The only friends I have was those that were with me as in I never got called for any parties or movies. So I tend to stick one group that I know are going out just that I would get invited for stuff. Pathetic right?

Well enough of emo-ing.

Till the next post.


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Conversations That Never Gets Boring

Sometimes I just love to write, you can tell a persons emotion by reading how one writes. Well my last post wasn’t very well written. It felt as if I just wrote it for the sake of updating but that was how I felt at that moment of time.

Not promising this will be a good post since it is 8.32AM and I’m waiting for my cousin to take me to SJMC for my grandma.

Well last night was a bit of a different night. Well Ken and I headed to our daily training ground to train foos. This time our teacher Chunky was back in Ipoh. Well Keith Wayne came along with us cause he was rather gian from the last training which he attend with us.

After training, we headed to the mamak for a drink. Like usual I was hungry and we ate and talk. But the conversation we had was a typical conversation, it was about success and downfall of people and the characters in the stories were none other then people we know. I’ve had sat down with many different people and gone through this conversation but it doesn’t seem to bore me but it gets juicer and juicer every time.

Now at the age of 21 turning 22, it is already juicy enough for 3 lads to talk for at least 3 hours. I wonder how things will turn out 10-20 years down the road. I think it would go on for hours.


Till the next post

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Badminton Rocks!!

Well tonight I will be heading to the courts with Jo to play the healthy sport of badminton. Well after 2 nights of foos training I hope my wrist doesn’t get screwed up and I fail horribly in badminton, I won’t want to embarrass Jo. Haha

Well actually I have been doing rather healthy activities these past few days like basketball in the evening and ermmmm does standing up and playing foos for two hours counted healthy?

Well I guess after badminton I won’t be doing any other sports or activities until next Monday cause Chunky is in Ipoh and it’s not that fun to play foos or basketball with out him being there to let me talk thrash a bit.

And tomorrow I will be going out on a date with Jo to The Gardens(I guess?) and we are suppose to exchange resolutions, well I have it all ready and prepared the night she purpose we exchange. Can’t wait for the date tomorrow speaking of it, we haven’t even plan the time to go.

Ok time to take a nap now cause I only slept like 2 hours today. Freaking tired!!!!!

Till the next post.

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Two O O Eight

Well the new year celebration has left and we must wait for another 300 plus days more to plan for the up and coming one.

Well every new year that comes upon us, we set resolutions for ourselves for the upcoming year. And every year people don’t really achieve them. When someone plans for something it usually tends to go the other way. If you have watched the movie the secret, you would know what I’m saying. So this readers of my awfully neglected blog should set goals such as:

  • I should gain 10kg
  • Be drunk through out the year
  • Don’t be a pain in the ass

You should get what I’m saying. Well if these were your resolutions most likely you would lose 10kg, be sober and not be a pain in the ass. And if you manage to gain 10kgs, be drunk through out the year and be a pain in the ass, guess what you manage to achieve what you set for yourself at the start of the year.

Happy New Year People!

Till the next post.

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Wow Top 16

Oh my god Deborah got top 16 in the world for Miss World, who the farks remember number two what more number 16. And all her supporters which bang me for dissing her said she got a chance at winning. What a whole load of rubbish. You have a chance of winning when you manage to reach the top 5 but not 16. Also don’t give me a shit load of at least she made it in the top 16 and bla bla bla. She lost, I knew she will.

Till the next post.

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Happy Diwali

Last night I was in the sunway area and was having a drink with Jo, Wei and Jo’s colleagues after bowling my hands are still aching from bowling and I did a 136 not bad for a person who can’t bowl.

So we were sipping on our drinks and suddenly fireworks started to fill the sky and no joke it was filling the whole sky. And it lasted for about half and hour; and it’s not those thunder claps and stuff this was the real deal man those that shoot Jun Keat, Daniel, RF and I when we played. No need to go to putrajaya to watch fireworks or wait for new year. F&*k just head on down to sunway and wait for diwali and the reason I spelling it diwali is cause I don’t know how to spell the longer version of it.

I had to ask Wei if I was spelling it right when I send a sms to Shanthose. And it’s damn saddening I have only one Indian friend who I know celebrates diwali.

Till the next post.

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I say the dumbest things.

What I mean is like when a girl ask if she looks fat in that dress, you won’t say she is but you would say something like; well you would look great in something else.

So the point of this is post is cause I have a lot of this I-say-the-dumbest-things-moments, you see I’m a straight forward type of person, if I don’t like someone I show it and the words I use shows it. I’m trying to think before I say things now cause I have been into much arguments.

Well thinking before I say something ain’t really working that well actually. Cause I still get into peoples faces a lot and I have no remorse in what I say.

Ok the reason why I came up with this post is cause I have like caffeine in my veins from drinking so much coke and I f^&king can’t sleep. And also I went blog hoppin, it’s the thing I do when I can’t sleep. So while I was hopping I came upon my friends tagboard. It was something like this.

A: Eh you don’t go to **** anymore arr?

B: No stop going already. Busy with our own life.

I was like wtf?!@# how can you tell off somebody like that. Some people really no class cause its like saying those who go for **** has no life like that. And why am I upset cause I go for **** sometimes.


Till the next post.

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